Who we serve

We work with leaders in performance improvement who are committed to adding more value to the organizations they serve. Our clients are typically in human resources – or in related functions such as:

  • training & development
  • organizational development
  • change management
  • process improvement, or
  • sales operations.

What they have in common is a commitment to improving performance through people.

Are these statements true for you?

You're wondering what's next. You're convinced that you can have more impact but it's a challenge. Resources are lean, deadlines are tight, and your internal and external customers are demanding. So your challenge is to do more with less – and to do it faster.

Your organization has already made substantial investments in improving performance. You've cut costs, downsized, reorganized and reengineered – and focused on recruiting and developing solid people. How will you continue to contribute to organizational performance – with existing resources?

You want to move beyond 'favorite solutions.' Managers come to you with requests for specific solutions – such as training, team development, or corrective action support – that often don't provide desired results. You'd like to ensure that managers – and your team members – consider all of the variables that drive performance.

You'd like to better equip managers and their teams to improve performance. Managers make the day-to-day decisions about how to get the best out of their people – with your guidance and help.

You want your team to communicate and partner with business stakeholders more effectively. Your team members know the business but struggle to communicate in simple, plain English terms that make a difference.

Do these projects pose challenges?

Transitioning to performance consulting: Training professionals (and other specialists) are often challenged to 'get out of the training box' and think beyond their specialty. How can you help them:

  • connect employee behavior to business results
  • move beyond training and other favorite solutions, and
  • turn learning into performance?

Capturing internal best practices: Are you capturing the 'secret sauce' of top-performing individuals and teams – to raise everyone's performance? A common application of this is sales performance improvement – where companies provide solid training and strong systems support, but fail to develop processes based on their top performers' 'internal best practices' to close the gap between top and typical performers.

This is also critical when senior employees leave the workforce – such as when baby boomers. Performance thinking provides an efficient, powerful way to capture their best practices, as a critical component of preparing their replacements.

Strategy execution: Researchers claim that a low percentage of strategic plans are fully executed. So how can you ensure that managers, teams and individuals:

  • are clear on exactly what they must do to act on the strategy
  • have the support they need to take those actions, and
  • share a simple, plain English logic for effective communications and course corrections?

Change management: Similar to strategy execution, how do you ensure that major initiatives – such new systems, processes, training and other HR programs – are effectively implemented, sustained and improved?

We may be a fit for you if...

You’re committed to improving performance. You’re serious about making a contribution, helping your internal customers achieve their goals, and improving bottom-line results.

You're open to new ideas, models and tools for performance improvement – especially those that can serve as 'force multipliers' to the services you already provide.

To learn more check out how we work and how we can help.